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I returned home this week after about a month of off-and-on travel, and it felt so, so good to be...

Over the last few days I've been pondering the ups and downs of the last year. I had a lot of big "life changes" and I was forced to choose carefully how I spent my time. I no longer had the luxury of long hours to read and write and review books.

For me, if I'm not reading and reviewing, it makes my writing motor run out of gas. I'm inspired when I read a great story and it makes me want to write a great story. But when time is limited, my reading suffers, and that directly affects my writing.

I knew that writing was tough, but I always felt like it came naturally to me. I never sit and stare at the blank screen because the words just aren't coming. I've never experienced that. What's truly tough is making time, finding time, or stealing time to write KNOWING THAT IT'S POSSIBLE THAT NO ONE WILL EVER READ WHAT YOU WROTE.

That's the difficult part for me. It's not the actual writing, it's taking all that time to create a story that I want to share with others, and then facing the fact that statistics tell me that what I'm aiming for is highly unlikely.

That's the hard part about writing.

Writing because you love writing is easy. There's no fail/succeed in that.

Writing because you love writing and want to be a published author is not easy. You either fail or succeed.

To spend so much time writing with the goal of being published, and knowing that a lot of people have that same goal their entire lives and never succeed, adds a deeper level of commitment to writing.

So I've come to a conclusion: I'm going to keep writing. :)

I'm not going to lie to myself and say that I don't care if I get published or not. I do. That's my goal. I'm can't change my goal because I found out it's a lot harder than I originally thought. I accept the fact that I may spend thousands of hours working toward something that may never happen.

Because in the end, we find out that the discipline of writing is more like a wise teacher than a fun thing we do. Our lives become richer, deeper, and fuller. We pull things out of our souls. Things like determination and perseverance and discipline.

And that is the reward.

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Over the last few days I've been pondering the ups and downs of the last year. I had a lot of big "life changes" and I was for...

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It's always exciting to launch a book, but last week was the first coauthored book I've launched and, let me tell you, I highly recommend the experience.

For me, book launches have always been a seesaw of emotions. Excitement and fear crash inside me. A combination of, "I did this!" and "What am I doing?" Of the pride in the accomplishment of getting the book that far, into print, on a shelf, an actual thing. And of the dread of what will come next. Will people read it? Will they love it or hate it? What will happen to this thing that's been mine up until this point, and is now everyone's?

Coauthoring felt a little different. Sure, I had pride and fear with the launch of BOOMERANG, but all along, from the very first words written, I had a partner. I had someone who I knew loved the book. Who was on the inside, with me. And that someone--my coauthor Lorin Oberweger--happens to be a person who's opinion I value very highly (probably obvious.) With Lorin by my side, my will people like this book? fear was just... gone. Because of her, this launch has been special. It's been brighter. Full of Florida sunshine. Laughs. Family. And warmth. A highlight of my career thus far, for certain.

Talia, Katy, Bret and Donna read a fairly early draft of BOOMERANG. Their feedback also provided me with such a boost. They know just what to say and they said it. They got the book. And their support reinforced something I've been thinking about a lot lately: if I can write a book my friends will love, that's the definition of success. What other measure could mean more than that? Than getting it right in the eyes of the people you love and respect most? None, I say.

The publishing journey for me has had a lot of twists and turns. I've learned so much. I've taken a few hard knocks, and I've had more than my share of champagne-worthy moments. The best parts of the ride have remained the same, though. Writing stories. Sharing them with good friends.

Thank you, Lorin. Thank you, Muses. You make this ride so worth it.


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It's always exciting to launch a book, but last week was the first coauthored book I've launched and, let me tell you, I ...


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